Wednesday, 24 August 2016

In the middle of somewhere

Eight miles and Seven locks today - a record for this cruise so far. We have been smugly moored next to Elkington weir for a snooze for Elizabeth and to catch some rays to finish off bread baking since 3pm. Got to see a water vole swimming earlier in the afternoon (arvo for those down under). Maxwell has been severely brushed post kennel ringlets and is now chilling on deck. Elizabeth has been reading about poaching eggs in cling film and Pete has been receiving refreshment.

A stupendous day.

One of the reasons we do this

This is what summer mornings can be like. How stupendous to come back through all that international travel and then wake to this.   Mmm.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Small summer cruise after a flight for Freddy

Here we are out for this summer's cruise, the third week of our three week holiday.  We began the time away in Melbourne (Australia) to meet the newest member of our family, our gorgeous grandson Freddy.  We arrived home last night, had a lazy morning (only one load of laundry before we set out), went food shopping, collected Mr Well from his very country kennels only 10 minutes from home, got home and untied the lines. Maxwell was very happy to see us and equally happy to be back aboard. We're out for a few more days and much enjoying that we arrived home to a summer!!!