Saturday, 29 March 2008

A little pause for thought

This is Pete and Josie, looking out the Duck Doors from the lounge. While they are looking out to the water, I stop a moment for readers of this blog. Now that we have been living aboard our new home for 5 months, it is time for a little reflection.

1. It was the best move we have ever, ever made for so many reasons - peace of mind, environment, cost of living, just enough for life. No regrets for one moment. Not one.

2. We wouldn't be here without family. All our readers know that our house sale fell through two days before our move, and the next house sale is still on, though not complete. We had to move from the house, as the boatyard had to move the boat to make room for building new ones, so we had to move aboard and move Bella somewhere. And we had to move up canal, or else be literally stranded on the Oxford canal somewhere during the winter stoppages for maintenance. So caught between a rock and a hard place, our brothers and a few flexible friends enabled us to secure Bella and to move. Fianance is hell. But there we are.

3. Because our home is our boat, we can change our scenery at no more cost than to just live as we would if moored. This is just wonderful. Fresh air, fresh scenes, new faces, (watching bunnies be very spring-like). This helps when the working week is so (almost) intolerably full. We haven't got out much yet, but each time is a little slice of heaven.

4. No matter what, this is the best move we ever made. We thank everyone who made it possible (Curt, Dave and family, David Dare from Oxfordshire Narrowboats, Toby, Nigel, Blue Haven Marina).

5. We had our own Easter service in our dining room/office/chapel. We gave so much thanks and felt renewed to face our future. Blessings to all you who read this.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Braunston Spire

We took an outing to Brauston on Sunday which was wonderful. This is a view up the hill toward the spire. You can just make out the sheep dotted on the hillside. More of the coutryside we can view from such a terrific position.


Here's Pete, wearing his Thinking Cap. And here's Elizabeth, being reminded just who is Captain, even though she has the tiller. You'll have to enlarge your view to see her Cap. Thanks, Andrew and Sarah!

Views from Bella

We see the most wonderful things while aboard Bella. Sleeping ducks and tumbling flowers add to the huge variety of what feels almost like private things which we are privileged to view.

Josie, Rosie and Jim

We know we've told you about our Swans called Rosie and Jim. We'll, our Josie has decided that they are interesting indeed. Here she is, having a watch out for them...