Saturday, 12 April 2008

A little Spring reminder - Snow in April!

Elizabeth's railway bridge

Coming north west out of Blue Haven Marine, on our way to Hilmorton Locks, we go first under Crick Road Bridge, the roadway our Reg takes to his car park behind the Old Royal Oak in our marina. This is just about on top of us in this picture. A few moments later, we glide under the Network Rail line in between Rugby and the south. You may recognise the name from the Easter season delays in the news. But this bridge is known well by Elizabeth - from the top. She regularly rails her way to London and gazes out to Blue Haven marina on the way...

Rose gets the little'uns ready

We knew we had not seen Rosie and Jim for a little while and wondered if the season had come upon them. As we cruised up to Hilmorton Locks, we saw Jim gliding by then came across Rosie, high atop the nest they built. She had either just laid or was gearing up to lay the new generation from this dedicated couple. What a wonder to see the serious nest amongst the privacy of the reed bed.

A travelling companion

We set out for 'fat band territory' this afternoon. Just before 1pm, having been to Rugby for the shopping (including getting fresh herbs to hang in the stern) and having moved in the marina for fuel and calor gas, we set out onto the cut - meaning the canal. In between Blue Haven and the bridge for Crick Road, a whole duck contingent joined us. Ms Duck first visited Elizabeth in the bows as she finished her role as human bow thruster (E with the barge pole, moving Bella's bow gently to starboard [right] so that we could edge north). Ms Duck made her way from fore to aft, and is here just caught beside the hatch cover at the stern. Many noisy quacks later, she joined her troupe.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

End of a long day

This photo is from a few days ago, when we had moored up just short of Hilmorton. It was a bright evening which had the taste of Spring about it. So we sat out on the cruiser deck. Lovely.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Moored up just by a golf course

Here we are, April 2nd, moored up by a golf course. No picture yet, but we're working on that! We went to Napton on Saturday, to Braunston for 'lunch' on Sunday, and took the slow route, stopping on the way, back to Blue Haven on Monday morning. It was fun to run into our Blue Haven neighbours (John and Barbara with Grandad Dyer and Helen with dogs) in Braunston, and just when we were sitting down to our candlelit dinner on Sunday night, to be passed by Country Dreams (Barry), moving quietly through the twilight back to Blue Haven.

Moored up on shore power for just under a day, we got through 3 loads of laundry!!! We moved back out yesterday, cruising the cut through Hilmorton Locks. A little different though; we both got Bella from the marina to the open canal (so smoothly :-) then Elizabeth hopped off and then took Reg (car) to the recycling point in Hilmorton and then to the Elsan point at Hilmorton locks. She met Pete as he navigated into the first lock. She took the helm and they went through lock 2, then halfway out of lock 3, Pete took the helm again, Elizabeth hopped off and took Reg to the bridge at Clifton upon Dunsmore. She found a good spot to park, then wandered onto the towpath to find Pete, Bella and Josie. All met up again and then moored. And great news! We're in 3G territory!! We knew this though (see the 'we're sad' posting) and that was the plan.

So now we have learned that we can hop between car and boat and leap frog to end up in the same place. Hmm. What next?

Snowy morning

The first day of Spring!