Saturday, 15 March 2014

We've been to Braunston and back

...and utterly forgot to blog about it! Our apologies.

We've been having what seemed to be a mysterious water leak from the calorifier (hot water tank). Pete checked all the fittings and did what he could but we realised that an expert was needed. So on Monday, one of Pete's rest days this week, we took ourselves to Norton Junction, glided through Braunston Tunnel, breezed down six locks and moored up on the work moorings of Days Afloat (more about that connection below).

At first glance on Tuesday, a problem couldn't be found even with much scratching of heads and use of torch for dark corners. Then Pete raised the potential of the relief valve (the valve which lets out water if there is too much water pressure in the tank). Hey presto, there was our leak. Within a short while, a new pipe and a new valve were fitted. We had prepared ourselves for a new calorifier (tank) and all new fittings, so were delightfully surprised at the the small, quick and far less expensive outcome.  By Tuesday evening, we were across the canal and moored on the towpath, much more to our Josie's liking.

We stayed the rest of the week, with Pete working the final three days of the week based from the Stop House in Braunston. We set out this morning to a fine day. Good thing, as now we're back at home-home, Pete's cleaning the roof. We were moored under some very messy birds!

So, Days Afloat. When we first moored at Hillmorton, Roy was one of the kind helpers who worked in the workshop there. A number of years ago, he moved to his own workshop in Braunston and set up Days Afloat doing all things boat building. It was Roy who introduced Elizabeth to the landlord of her studio, the unit on the reverse side of Roy's canal fronting workshop. We feel quite an affinity with Days Afloat!