Sunday, 23 June 2013

In Crick for a while

We moored up just north of Watford locks last night in easy murmur territory of the M1. It wasn't as noisy as we thought it would be, but then we get used to things!

After yet another load of laundry this morning, we set out for the huge journey to Crick. Giggle. 2 miles and one tunnel and here we are. We decided that this would be a good place to be whilst Pete is on call and Elizabeth has a heap of work in various parts of the country over the next week or so. And it is a good place to be!

Saturday, 22 June 2013

In the flight

Here we are, one view down, the other up.

Waiting for Watford

We set out this afternoon on a very blowy day indeed. We'd had brunch while the BFG and Inde were getting through the sheets and the blues. After the usual unloading the deck to the roof (table, bench, parasol), we just hoped to manage the wind all right around Norton Junction. And Pete did! We've watered up here at the moorings and Pete's just gone to put us in the queue.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Our view for the next week

Here we are at what we consider the best mooring at Norton Juction. We were able to pick our spot and were so shocked! This is usually heaving with boats. But here we are.

We had a busy morning with BFG running a load of laundry, Elizabeth ironing at the same time (we giggle - we can do this with the BFG's electrics, but not with the land hook up) whilst Pete was repositioning lights from other places into the bedroom. What with the wonderful 1.5w finger downlighters throughout the majority of Bella, we've placed the more serious halogen where we need them. The bedroom was the room with 240 table lamps pushed into tiny spaces. Now the bedroom is all 12v. Fab.

We stocked the wheelbarrow with recycling, trundled off to find Reg, went shopping, stuffed the wheelbarrow for the return, then pulled out of our mooring around 4pm. We found this idyll, tied up, then Pete walked back to collect Reg and park him near the CRT yard whilst Elizabeth unpacked groceries.  BFG fired up again for Pete to vacuum whilst Elizabeth took Josie out for a serious de-furring. Dinner was late!

We're here for a week and still haven't decided where next. We'll let you know.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

The middle of nowhere for the evening

Peace. My word, this is lovely. We''ve done two loads of laundry, had peace and quiet for a yummy meal and are now enjoying the evening. Wonderful.

Watering up

We set out from Braunston this morning, having come to the end of our 14 days permitted time. We were sorry to leave Mr and Mrs Garden who such a fine job of feeding the local duck families and giving us such a wonderful view.

Here we are taking on water on our way east, just near Braunston Stop House. We were quite gasping! Pete had put on 25 litre bottle by bottle for the last few nights as we didn't want to leave our secure spot to water up. So we were delighted to get full again!

We moored up just east of Braunston tunnel, deciding to go slowly through Pete's patch. Within minutes of mooring, BFG was on and laundry going!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Walking the dog

This evening, after a hard day at the office for Pete, all three of us went for a walk and enjoyed the views.