Saturday, 1 November 2014

Back down Watford and tucked into home home

We like locks. We went down Watford today, the day before it closes for essential maintenance. One of the things we like is what grows inside them, the reducing water often exposing beautiful moss. In the autumn, gorgeous coloured leaves stick to the mud along the wall and the artist in us both grins.

Photos attached show the lock walls. Then there are shots of the working boars ready for Monday's works, the one near the bottom lock holding the new gates.

We're back in Weltonhythe now, probably tucked up for the winter. But the odd weekend cruise is not off the agenda at all.

Moored near Yelvertoft & a celebration

We were in Crick for a night. Lovely mooring, but terrible communications. We have rather got used to both being good now! So yesterday, we travelled a huge distance (not!), went a mile and a bit more north and stopped in Yelvertoft. Slightly better coms, a nicer mooring and a gorgeous day.

Elizabeth set to baking and Pete set to cleaning the chimney as it was so warm we let the fire go out.

By the evening, we had fresh olive & parmesan biscuits to have with our caviar, cream cheeses and Cava. A celebration was had! We start our eighth year aboard now, yesterday being the 7th anniversary of moving on board way back at Oxfordshire Narrowboats.  No regrets. Not for a moment.