Thursday, 26 November 2009

Just so you know, we're not flooded

No, we rise above it. Pun aside, all the flooding you have seen on the news is not where we are presently moored. And if it were, what we would find is that we might be stranded, but not flooded. We noticed when we were on the river Soar that mooring rings were on posts so that as the water level rose, the boat moorings also went up the posts. Only when, perhaps, three feet above level would the boats come loose and float independently. One of our friends lives in a home in the flooded areas of the north Lake District in Workington and with many, is struggling with only 2 of 25 bridges in action. But we're OK.

More mundanely, we had a new exhaust fitted to Bella today. Much grinding and welding, fitting and padding mean we will glide as silently as a Swan. Lovely.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Abiding image

We have apologised frequently about not posting enough, so won't go on. Just to share this - when life feels as busy as it has, this view is one of the views which keeps us peaceful. When Elizabeth has had a long day out and finally made it back home and when Pete's been nose into grant applications all day, this is the sort of view we get when we open the side hatch, lean out and take in the atmosphere.

The water has an amazing effect. Not only can we just sense we are 'held' in our lives as we float, but also, the canal is a fabulous mirror. Much above the water is reflected in it, turning all the asymmetry of the vista into a symmetrical whole. In a stunning way, this is so very peaceful. So, as we breathe in the moist air and often the fragrance of the countryside (not always lovely!), we get a sense of calm just watching all we see fall into a peaceful place.


Saturday, 14 November 2009

Dear readers, we're still around!

We've been buffetted by wind for the last 24 hours, but enjoying floating. We returned from Brooklyn, New York, a few weekends ago and report that we had a fabulous time seeing James and Jeffrey and our nieces, Jennifer and Andrea, along with Andrea's husband, Carmine, and our grand-nephew, Peter. A lovely time! Josie thrived in her kennel holiday and we are all back with Bella, contemplating the Christmas journeys.