Sunday, 2 October 2011

Josie watches Braunston Marina

Here we are again in Braunston. We figured out that this must be our most frequent stop. Without getting Bella's log out, we've counted 15 times through the Braunston flight of locks and tunnel at least. Then there have been all those weekends just to take friends out or to be somewhere other than Hillmorton for a tiny stop. It's a good thing we like it so much!

Pete had a hot time lock keeping yesterday on the Buckby/Wilton flight. Seven locks in a mile and a bit, with a rise of 63 feet from bottom lock to top. Add walking up and down, doing the occasional paddle, moving an odd heavy gate or two (!) and it was a hot one!

Elizabeth took advantage of the shady mooring and deep cleaned all day, even not meeting up at the pub after Pete's day. Whatever next??!

We're here for the night then toddle off to Hillmorton tomorrow. Hectic month ahead!