Friday, 31 May 2013

Finally out for the season!

We finally untied and set cruising today. Last year, we were settling into Pete's new work with the Canal and River Trust and didn't travel much as we weren't quite sure how everything would be. This year, he's a seasoned hand, so we've decided to cruise his patch. Seeing as his patch covers from Coventry to south Leicester via Stoke Bruerne and the Nothampton Arm of the Grand Union Canal, it's quite A Patch.

We're in Braunston now so are moored up the closest we'll ever be to Elizabeth's studio. Pete's bussing to get Reg, so we can car hop enough for Elizabeth to get back to the studio and to various train stations.

We're so glad to be back on the cut!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

A deck table!

Here we are, having finally realised what we needed on the deck and how to do it. First, Pete mounted brackets against the gas lockers so the the parasol is more or less centred over the seating area, when not cruising of course. Then he cut the table top, mounted supports underneath, and fitted a foldable leg. A lovely little tartan footstool sits on the BFG's hat (the generator's cover) and hey presto, there is a seat opposite the bench.

There is room for someone to sit next to Pete on the bench and room for a dining room chair to come out and be next to the seat opposite. So, eventually, four for dinner out on the deck!

There is still sanding and sealing to do, but we're delighted so far! Pete pours a beer with satisfaction.