Sunday, 14 April 2013

Tucked up again in Hillmorton

We set out at 1, after worship with Braunston Parish Church, fondly named the Cathedral of the canal system. Braunston is thought by many to be the centre of the canal network where the Oxford Canal and the Grand Union intersect and share a few miles.

The day was windy, but warm (!), up to 16c. Feels almost like summer. What a fabulous change. Arriving back in our mooring just a few scant hours later, it was a pleasure to see our miniature violets blooming all over our bank.

We expect to be home-home for a few weeks, then set out again through Pete's work network.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

A quiet Saturday in Braunston

We stayed put today, happily in our familiar Braunston. After a bimble up the hill to the shops, we stopped for coffee and discovered our friend Jenny. It was a delight to share the time.

We stopped at the studio to download a few episodes of Masterchef to the laptop, then read the newspaper in the Boat House pub. A lovely lazy holiday!

The magic of nighttime reflection

This is one of the wonderful views of night. It is still, the rain has stopped, Spring whispers in the air and it is evening outside a canalside pub. Ordinary looking magic.

Mistress Cook

While we have been out there has been little desire to find a tv signal. Now that we are in Braunston there is not much chance of a signal. Luckily we have borrowed decent internet so are catching up with Masterchef

Friday, 12 April 2013

Oh, what a story!?!?

It's been a couple of "those" days. The first of them, yesterday, we boated. The second of them, today, we boated. The main difference between them was that one contained 17 more locks than the other. A similarity was that precipitation was detected on both. A common theme was Birdingbury wharf (where mobile comms hardly exist) and the result is that we are in an open canal-side pub in Braunston.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Out of Warwick to Radford Semele

Shows how out of habit we are! We completely forgot to blog. Tuesday, we stayed in Warwick, bungled around and had lunch with a lovely friend at the Zetland Arms. Fine pub!

We set out yesterday morning and stopped at Leamington Spa on the way where we spotted a brilliant new Co-op. After a small shop, we were traveling again, just warm enough for Elizabeth to knit. Under the Southam Road and we moored in Radford Semele, a favourite mooring of old. Last night we celebrated the holiday and our 18th Wedding Anniversary (which was in March!) at the White Lion.

A good day!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Now in Warwick

We hoped to be blogging from the Saltisford Canal Centre in Warwick where we have moored a number of times before, but there was no room at the Inn! Winter moorers have stayed put, not tempted by the prolonged Winter, standing in for Spring. We got in, turned well (Cap'n Pete done good), backed all the way down the arm to find an abreast mooring, but no go. So we're on the cut, not too far from Cape locks and the canal pub, Cape of Good Hope. All's well.

We set out to a breezy overcast day, but the rain never happened. Lovely. After the Fosse locks, dropping us to Radford lock at Radford Semele, we travelled through Leamington Spa and towards Warwick on the aqueduct over the river Leam. We turned up at Saltisford after going up the two Cape locks and an hour after, moored up.

Good day! Good to travel again...

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Post Dinner

One of the perks of cooking is not having to do the washing up.

Wood Lock Wood

While Elizabeth writes up the ship's log, I get to do the blog and then cook Sunday dinner. We have found a quiet spot near a wood with no roads nearby. Pheasants squawk on the off side, walkers occasionally bimble along the towpath. Today has been a sun block day.

Moored up for brunch

We had a lazy start today and set out at 10:30. By 12:30, we'd done 8 locks of the Stockton flight and travelled 1.5 miles. Great fun with fabulous tiller work from both drivers, it must be said. A few pics of the journey.

Birdingbury Wharf and a closed pub

We had a lovely day. So good to remember why we live on a boat - because we can take our home to new places. Tonight we have a quiet spot believe it or not, by the A423 bridge over the Grand Union Canal. The old name is Birdingbury Wharf. Sadly the pub, The Boat, is closed with no sign of reopening. That seems to be the way of country pubs.

Today was mostly reacquainting ourselves with Bella as leisure. We set out from Hillmorton Wharf (new name from Blue Haven) at a leisurely just past noon. We rounded Braunston turn just after two and after Wigrams Turn and the Calcut Locks, were happily moored up by 5:15.


Saturday, 6 April 2013

Shock! We're about to travel!

Bella's blog is, of course, about Bella. You may have wondered where she's been. Now that Pete has his new job with the Canal and River Trust ( and Elizabeth has been exhibitions hopping (, dear Bella has been snuggled up against the wind and weather, keeping safe. Well, Pete has a week's holiday and Elizabeth has a light office week. So travelling it is!

The intention is to travel to Warwick for a few days in the Saltisford Arm, then travel back. We'll let you know!