Friday, 20 October 2017

Mr Well enjoys new towpaths

We're clearly in Braunston for the week. Each new hatch opening brings new aromas for dear Maxwell. Here he is, late on a Friday night, sniffing in the walkers around us.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Alternative light

We have been in marina so long, we lost oversight of our alternative power sources.  The second week of cruising off shore power, we have come to realise that our domestic batteries are close to expired, dead, shuttled off their mortal coil, ceasing to live. We wondered on our last outing, but on this trip with the fridge warning light blinking each morning and the lights flickering each time the water pump is on, we now know. Call Simon the Sparky. New batteries soon come. These have lasted well beyond their specified life, so we simply say thank you, good and faithful servants. 

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Out again, dear Bronny welcomes again

We've done it. As we vowed. This is the second of Pete's rest days, so we set out late morning. The day was gorgeous, unseasonably warm, beautifully bright, and seasonably colourful.

It was a bit tricky moving off the mud which had built up under the stern end when the last four years it was the bow end.  Then Bella moved up over the sand bar which had likewise been built up over the years. Interesting lean! To explain. The canal is so shallow (they all are), that every time a boat goes by, a bit more ground mud is loosed up from the bottom, swirls around, then gets pushed to the sides. This settles in set patterns and if a moored boat seldom moves, the base of the canal builds up in interesting peaks and troughs. Bella had quite a hill under the bow which, when we last moored, we backed into, boring into it with the propeller.  That's why it was quite tricky to get out! More trips will work wonders.

Anyway, we're here. For a few days. The trip was lovely.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Gorgeousness of early autumn

We continue to like our home mooring enormously. This is a glance to the north from the port hatch.

The boring bits

We have to do the boring bits. Not because we want to, but because they need done and we've still not been able to find someone to contract to do it. There is no boat wash to drive into and there is no ex boat garage now turned into hand boat wash. If anyone knows anyone who wants to wash boats, please tell us!!!! We'll pay!  In the meantime, here's P with Lance, the pressure washer.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Home-home south abouts

We arrived at our home mooring easily, travelling in the most stunning late summer kind of weather. Just amazing.  In the morning light, we could see the hill over Crick tunnel more clearly than usual. This time we could also see the end!

We moored up south-abouts this time, the way we moored when we first came to Welton Hythe, but we haven't been facing this way here for years. What a revelation just to have the sun coming in the other way. And, to E's great delight, the lounge/kitchen side hatch opens to the canal rather than to the bank. It is a delight again to open it whilst cooking and to lean out sipping a cool white whilst the dinner simmers. Ahhhhh.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Gorgeous day

What a day to set out. Gorgeous. We return home-home in a bit to do our usual Sunday catch up and prayers. Two weeks from now, we expect to keep to the plan, with a simple night away, either at Buckby top or Watford bottom.

Until then, a cruise awaits. Engine on, we say.