Sunday, 31 July 2011

Post Wedding moorings

We so enjoyed the wedding! Elizabeth, back to the hay field, led the couple and about 90 friends and family through the vows and promises. All only 10 minutes walk from our wedding moorings.

We set out this morning, after regulation morning after Bacon butties, to a stunning summer day.
We're moored a few hours south in one of our regular stops in Fenny Compton. We were frozen in here a few winters ago, we got our sofa from here and it was one of our first moorings on our first ever hire boat. So, Fenny is a little bit of home. Added to Bella, it's all quite lovely!

This shot is of our deck bench with our usual Sunday night resting drinks of coffee, something else, chocs and nuts all lit by the lovely lantern we bought in Market Harborough.

Nice night. Nice weekend.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Unhappy dog - not

We have discovered after nearly four years that Josie loves being outside on deck On. A. Lead. We are flabergasted. She is out there without us. Her lead is attached to the tiny step used by deck bench sitters whilst Bella cruises. While moored, it is Josie's lead tethering point. It means that she doesn't mind passing people, she doesn't pace and she actually sleeps in between watching ducks, birds and boats - all of which she doesn't bark at. Why doesn't she bark? Who knows. It's rather nice to have a happy dog every now and then.

Exhausted new windlass

Poor thing. First day out and it winds 9 locks in succession with Napton flight. We got a new windlass as a result of Pete winding Foxton Locks with BW issue windlii - all these lightweight aluminium types well balanced somewhat longer than our short steel ones and shorter handled than our long steel ones. And significantly lighter, making them much more friendly to carry. Hmmm. Perhaps a name is coming on...

Friday, 29 July 2011

Our Wedding mooring place

Here we are, rounding the corner to our mooring at Bridge 125 on the south Oxford Canal, 15 minutes walk to those white marquees you can just see in the hill. What an idyllic spot! Should be a wonderful weekend.

Round Napton

Napton is on a high hill with a windmill at the top, with the canal a watery ring road around the western edge. This was our view about ten minutes before the locks. Horses, sheep and cows all shared one field and included lambs, calves and foals. Stunning to see.

Towpath breakfast

We had a lazy start today, with Josie and Elizabeth walking out and picking berries a month early. We could hardly believe it. Yet, happily yums.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

By The Bridge in Napton

What a lovely lazy day! We travelled just over two hours south of Braunston and we moored up at the north end of the moorings by The Bridge in Napton. That's the day, then! Evening on deck, then tomorrow up the flight of nine Napton locks. Yeah!

Braunston as ever

Here we are, moored up for lunch and shopping. We set out yesterday at the end of a busy day. It was heaven to be out in the open again and to have such a balmy evening. We only travelled an hour south, but what a difference the hour makes. We admit to putting up the satellite dish in order to watch Sherlock, so didn't sit out until late. Josie fell asleep (!) on the towpath, she was so pleased to be out.

Today we set off mid morning having first chatted with the cows taking their morning drink. We had a lazy run to Braunston, stopped at the services point, then Pete did a textbook A* turn at the marina entrance and we moored up in our spot at the Boathouse. Now we're off to get more oil for the lamps. 

Ahhh. Holiday.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Summer night outside

We know it's dark. And wonderful.

On our way to a Wedding

We are delighted to be going to a wedding this weekend, where Elizabeth conducts the service in a field. The weather looks to be glorious and we discovered that the field is only a 15 minute walk from a lovely spot on our Oxford canal. It wonderfully coincides with the beginning of our holidays, so here we are taking advantage of a balmy evening to get started.