Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Rain, shine and and our old haunt

We're now moored up between Bridge 78 & 79 on the north Oxford Canal. We set out from Nellie pound on the Braunston flight late morning. After the last three locks, our first stop was The Stop House where Pete did a tiny bit of work (even though on holiday). We then cruised nearly a mile (!) and moored up at Midland Chandlery. Two firsts then; mooring up in the Braunston flight which was Josie friendly and quiet, and moored up at the Chandlery. Pete shopped for wires and fittings and Elizabeth walked up to the Braunston shops.

We set out again and headed north through our old cruising territory. We were greeted at Hillmorton Wharf with a "are you coming back?!' to which we replied, no, we were only there to collect LPG gas which was ordered for us when we home-moored there. Much good humour and welcome greeted us, yet it was a pleasure to pull out again and head back south. 

The day was mostly typified by sun whilst moored and rain whilst cruising.  Harumph! But it was a good day, even though we've exhausted the pooch... Here's our Josie, warming her nose.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Our new solar lights

Here we are! It's taken us years to find just the right lights for the stern at night. In the process of getting 12v speakers for our sound system (working wonderfully now), we stumbled across these fab lights. They light enough of the deck for Josie to realise which side to walk off (laugh you may! She fell in at Cropredy in the dark a number of years ago from confusion :-)...). And solar powered means no wires to fall over. Took 7 years, but we got there!  Oh - the light holders are Rosemary and Oregano.

Out again for a little holiday

The weather is a little grey and dreary, so it must be time to cruise! Our last holiday, a few weeks ago, we did the maintenance stuff. This holiday, we're cruising.

One of the multitudinous good things about our new home mooring is that when we want to travel, we merely unplug the electrics, untie the lines, and set off. In our old home mooring, we had at least 10 minutes to negotiate a very tight turn indeed to even get going before we were on the cut.

We're only out for a few days, as we need some work done in the bows and will need to be back at base. So this is just a little jaunt. And nice it is too.

Here we are, moored between Locks 3 and 4 of the Braunston flight - the Nellie pound for the Admiral Nelson.