Friday, 6 May 2011

Travelling northeast again

This is one of the stunning scenes we have along the way. We're peering under a bridge, having turned our boats, gone back through the Blisworth tunnel and stopped for coffee, water and services at Gayton Junction. This is where the Nene navigation cuts away east to Northampton. The day was another warm bright wonder.

Blisworth Tunnel and Stoke Bruerne

This is Bones, shattered and thrilled to have travelled the Blisworth tunnel. We did more singing and the tunnel was longer, but much straighter than the Braunston tunnel. We moored up just out of it, a few minutes walk from the historic canal village of Stoke Bruerne. The canal itself is the Hugh Street, with pubs and a few shops on both sides.

We left exhausted dogs on their own homes and walked to tour. A fun visit to the museum was followed by equally fun drinks and chat in one of the pubs.

After Braunston, Stowe Hill

On the Monday, we did the Braunston tunnel singing our way through to cheer dear Bones. James left us to retrieve his car, park up by Buckby flight and help us lock side. It was a glorious day and we stopped for lunch when we finished the flight. James left us and we made our way to our friend's boat sales at Stowe Hill. Here we are, sticking out the end of the good ship Bones as we moored abreast on the diesel point. Josie had to learn to jump stern for her walk, but hey.

Steve (who works with Dom) had organised a great Stowe Hill marine BBQ with as many marina moorers and boat workers as he could get. We ate and bopped into the wee hours with great delight. The only down side was that our boat sales friends were holidaying in France!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Foxton Top

We shall be moored here for a while so that Pete is close to the locks. He is a volunteer lock-keeper.