Friday, 18 July 2014

Ready for dins

We love having a travelling balcony...

A Friday evening in the shade

Friday night brings another cruise. The weather stayed fine after this morning's thunderstorm, so we set out with Elizabeth at the tiller most of the time. Such fun! Profound apologies to our tillerwomen friends, but this is the first time Elizabeth both winded (turned Bella) and piloted the whole length of a tunnel. Just never winded, no real reason. Better eyes and no oncoming boat glare, so finally, the tunnel could be done. Her grin was notable!

We've been in Crick for the week, moored up in our usual place, just near the bridge after the tunnel. We loved it there last year, having such beautiful stark contrast from our previous home mooring. This year? Nice, but because it was so very shady, it was a dark contrast to our gorgeous home mooring. So we noticed things. Like very poor data coverage and only slightly better phone network. So really, we were glad to go!

Friday, 11 July 2014

A Weekend begins

That's all we can say, really, that the weekend has begun. And we're out of our home mooring. We had planned to set out much earlier this year, back in May we think, but our wonderful solarium took precedence. By the time our excited solar purchase fit in with the schedules of our brilliant tradespeople (which you read about earlier), and all of that fit in with our work (much of Elizabeth's away), this has been the first time this summer we could really get out and go.

We'll be back at home home for going to a certain wedding in August, but then set out again for a holiday cruise. And after the holiday, we might just stay out. And we might not. Who knows? Tonight is lovely. We'll stick with that.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Evening out the stern

This is our stunning post dinner vista. More lake than canal, it's heaven to us.

So, yes, we're at home home, otherwise known at Weltonhythe. We've been out, clearly, but somehow the schedule keeps getting ahead of us. And besides, E likes doing the gardening, as she did when returning from the studio today.

So we're here, enjoying the solar powered bread making.