Sunday, 24 April 2011

Moored at Braunston top lock.

What a lovely day. We took in the Easter service at All Souls, Braunston, had coffee in the good ship, Bones, then propped Bella for travel. We set out, pulled in by Bones who then set out behind us, then made for Braunston bottom lock. As there was a queue, we waited with an ice cream, then started the fun. What a hoot! Boats all over the place with lockside help from various crew from other boats, the pub garden, folk festival friends and children on scout type trips. Brilliant. We did the six locks and stopped at the top to wait for a friend. We'll have our Easter dinner, sleep well then head for Stowed Hill tomorrow.

Bones at rest

This is our travelling companion working on her side hatch. This is 'rest' it seems. Creative, we say!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Still coal!

Being the realists which we are, we have no doubt that this hot spell will break. Here's Towcester who we saw in the winter, now on her Spring rounds. We met up in Braunston and we delighted to get a few bags of coal.

Pete gets cool

Well, it was a hot day. But canal swimming is not our cooling off of choice! Here's Pete, having taken on coal, now being taken out of the drink. He decided to give a hand to Towcester's crew and ended up needing a hand!

Morning visitors

The welcome committee arrived. Lovely.

Spring breakfast

The lambs bleat, the birds sing, a boat silently glides by. Ah. Breakfast.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Azzy's in bloom!

This is April. Last year, Azzy bloomed in June. She's beautiful, but it could be worrying.

Evening in sesson

Ah. The first evening on the cut this Spring. We've had a busy few days helping our friend, Bones, travel from Cropredy to Napton with her at the tiller and Pete and Elizabeth lock side. It was wonderful and we really got the itch. Tomorrow we'll wander down to Braunston then meet up with Bones who travelled there from Napton. Together after Easter, we'll be a team to Stoke Bruerne. If this weather holds out, it will be amazing!