Tuesday, 30 June 2015

View from the stern (a left over July post)

Our lovely evening view from the stern.  It was so warm tonight, we had dinner on deck.  Maxwell is finally cool and is now sleeping peacefully.  Lovely, lovely night. Tomorrow, back to work for a day for E, a bit of a work day for P, then we're holidaying again on Thursday.  Staying put!!

Parasols are up and we're out

Here we are, moored opposite Mr and Mrs Garden in Braunston. After a spot of gardening and shopping this morning, we set out around noon. We're probably out for the season, returning to our gorgeous home mooring in October or something. We cruised the season two years ago, but the solar panel installation last year had so many fits and starts that we never really got going. We've calculated a 30 minute car drive from any direction to Braunston so that Pete can get to his central office and Elizabeth to the studio.  So here we are, the place where the elastic cords of working life are anchored.

And it didn't rain! And Maxwell loves boating, but hates us both popping on and off Bella at locks. One of us is always gone!

Saturday, 6 June 2015

We travelled; Bella let us take Pochard

What a gorgeous day! Today, we were both volunteers. We took Pochard, the itty tug, and pushed the flat to Bugbrook. We started from the bottom of the Buckby flight (once we'd found her tucking next to a wide beam) and cruised our way through the sunny Grand Union waters. We enjoyed passing Broomsticks, seeing the familiar Stowe Hill Wharf and even catching up with Mickron Theatre company, with new tiller hands learning how to handle their floating stage crew, cast and actors. A great day.